Tom is married to Stephanie (Rayle) since 1981.  They have two children Stephen & Natalie, and three grandchildren Jaelei, Presley & Braylie.

Tom & Stephanie have lived in Greene County since 1983 after Tom completed his bachelor's degree from the University of Wyoming.  Stephanie graduated from Eastern Greene High School in 1981 and attended Indiana University.  Their children and grandchildren have attended Eastern Greene Schools.

Tom worked in Greene County early on for Eastern Greene Schools, Bloomfield Evening World and the Linton Employment Security office.  He worked for the Indiana Department of Correction as a Counselor/Accreditation Manager and the past 30 years for Monroe Circuit Court as the Community Corrections Executive Director/Assistant Chief Probation Officer.  

Tom is an ordained minister and pastors a congregation over 20 years.  He has been active ministering to the homeless and less fortunate.  One might describe him as a compassionate conservative.

Tom has served on numerous boards nationally, statewide and locally, including the United States Bureau of Justice’s Technology Advisory Committee, and on the National Institute of Correction Technology Panel.   He has written over $17 million dollars worth of grants. Tom has been a conference presenter for both the American Probation Parole Association and the International Community Corrections Association.  He recently received the Founder's Award recognizing his efforts in Evidence Based Practices.

Tom is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). 

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